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What would happen if the Tom's Shoes business model were applied to private counseling?

Before there was a name, Hope & Harbor was bold idea. Impassioned with the belief that everyone deserves a space to heal, Nicole wanted to open a counseling practice that would break the mold. In order to extend care for those who traditionally couldn't afford counseling, Nicole imagined a practice where her paying clients paid hope forward to those less fortunate.

From the nomenclature and logo to the business cards and website, we created a visual identity built around the elements of interconnectedness and community. The tagline "Together We Heal" says it all. Amen sister. Preach.


Hope & Harbor


Brand Discovery, Brand Nomenclature, Logo Design, Brand Collateral, Website Design & Development, SEO Optimization

Client Testimony

"When you are trying to convey who you are and the dreams and vision behind your work into images on a page, it can feel overwhelming.  Yet my experience with SimpleBrand was that they made the creative process together both  energizing and fun, as well as efficient and productive.  They took the time to listen and really understand my vision and business and the result was a brand and website that fit me and my company perfectly.  Working with SimpleBrand was wonderful from start to finish and has allowed me to move forward in my business with great confidence!"

- Nicole Larson

Founder, Hope & Harbor

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