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When it comes to your brand, 

Simple is better.


It's why we love Amazon, Netflix, Google, Spotify and Lyft. In a world filled with hype and clutter, these brands succeed by delivering ​simple solutions to everyday problems. By simplifying customer experience, they help us find restaurants, rides, and records faster. Simpler. Better.
At SimpleBrand, we believe simplicity is the key ingredient to any successful business or brand endeavor. This "simple is better" ethos shapes everything we do–from the logos and websites we design–to the brand experiences we deliver to each of our clients. We specialize in helping small businesses unclutter and clarify what their brands stand for.
We listen attentively to distill the unique story, vision, and values behind your brand. This allows us to create innovative brand strategies that help our clients stand out from the competition and achieve their goals.
Best of all, by retaining a small batch approach to business we're able charge less than other creative agencies. In the end, this simple approach allows us to deliver innovative, affordable branding solutions that exceed the expectations of every client we serve. 
Simple as that.
SimpleBrand :: About

Simplicity is the ultimate form

of sophistication.

Leonardo Da Vinci


Brand Simplification

Brand Discovery


We begin by defining what your brand stands for. As we explore your brand’s personality, place in the market and promise to customers, we identify the points that makeup your brand's unique identity.

Services & Specialities

→ Brand Audit

Brand Strategy

Brand Guidelines

 Brand Simplification / Rebranding

 Brand Consultation

Brand Design

Brand Design


We connect the dots to create innovative, memorable designs that reflect your brand’s unique identity. We simplify and refine your brand until it inspires and evokes belief with your audience. 

Services & Specialities

 Logo + Identity Design

 Print Design

Graphic Design

 Website Design


 Custom Illustration

 Editorial Layout

Brand Collateral

Brand Development

Brand Development


Our work doesn’t stop there. Our creative team will develop custom websites and digital marketing solutions that will help your brand take flight and create a following. Feeling excited yet?

Services & Specialities

Website Development

 Website Hosting

 SEO Optimization

 Social Media Content

 Copywriting + Messaging

 Video Production

 Digital Marketing

We are here to make life Simpler & Better for clients like you.

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